Friday, 10 April 2009

The Jenny McCarthy Body Count

Perhaps in response to Jenny McCarthy's afore-mentioned comments on allowing killer diseases to come back so that the non-effect of vaccines on autism can be avoided, a guy called Derek Bartholomaus has decided to keep a running count of vaccine-preventable deaths. He's called it the Jenny McCarthy Body Count. Since she seems quite comfortable to accept that her views on vaccination will inevitably result in deaths, it seems appropriate that she should be given moral responsibility for what that means. Although Ms. McCarthy can not of course be held directly responsible for a full share of all such deaths, you get the general gist. She's in a position where her word has enormous influence, and in the case of opinions on vaccination, that influence extends to people who have no regard for her views or who many never have heard of her. The anti-vaccination movement is resulting in preventable deaths, and they had better accept that reality.

Jenny McCarthy image by Flikr user gamerscoreblog and licensed under Creative Commons Attribution ShareAlike 2.0 License.


Sharon said...

I am so glad this fool woman isn't on the TV I watch or in the papers I read. I know enough about her from my US media sources and she is wither clueless or very canny and simple uncaring about the very real harm she's causing. She detracts from the really important issues in autism too, like employment, housing, education, etc with her witless witterings.

The Biologista said...

I sorta see it as the hubris of the rich yet basically talentless. Find a cause, controversial if possible, fail to understand it but talk as loudly as possible.

BioWizard said...

What I don't understand in this country is how people are allowed to go on public media and spew nonsesical jargon which can be easily demonstrated wrong using controlled scientific experiments and already established literature, and still be able to defend their right to kill others with their blabber under "freedom of speech". Doesn't your freedom end where the lives of others begin? I just don't get it.